​Bosch Timberframe Pender Island, BC

Est. 2008 | Over 25 Years Of Experience

Red Seal Journeyman | ​WCB Insured

Danny Bosch

: Owner and Head Timberwright :

Bosch Timberframe is a labor of love and passion rooted in the art of craftsmanship.

Always seeking the heart of things, Danny Bosch sought to take a traditional approach to the craft. Forging his own custom broadaxe he spent months in the woods selectively falling trees, hand-hewing and skidding them out with man-power alone. The beams were then shaped using only hand tools and raised into a structure that would shelter the timbers and tools of his trade. This magnificent shop was affectionately called 'The Gull'.

Bosch Timberf
rame (established in 2008) is rooted in the art of craftmanship and integrity, when at all possible using hand-tools and a traditional approach to woodworking. There is an intimate connection between heart, steel and wood that is often lost in today's mass production and mass consumption. If you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind dwelling or simply a piece of art, send an email and see where your journey takes you with Bosch Timberframe. We are booking at least a year in advance so be sure and make contact as soon as possible!

Dan and his lovely wife Chanda reside on the Southern Gulf Island of Pender Island, British Columbia where they love to build and create together, not only with wood but with music. They are also known as the folk musical duo 'Deer & Coyote' (